Ep. 04 – Financial Means for Social Ends

All social entrepreneurs struggle with the same issue: how do I pay for my project’s wings? There are enormous amounts of wealth out there – an ocean of money, as Prof. Mohammed Yunus puts it – but how can it be captured into the production of social good? In this episode, a social entrepreneur, a social investment specialist and the manager of an activist hedge fund provide some answers.

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Ep. 03 – Measuring Impact

We all know that good intentions are not enough. A sexy idea that makes a lot of buzz and attracts all kinds of support is no guarantee for real sustainable change. So how can organizations ensure that they really are achieving their mission? Are they humble enough, and ambitious enough, to adjust their trajectory if needed?

There are methodologies and tools that can help organizations to deal with these issues. Social Impact Measurement is a rapidly growing field, and the mission of this episode is to explore it. The subject can become a bit technical – beware – but it dives deep in the soul of social entrepreneurship.

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Ep. 02 – The Hybrid Spirit

All social entrepreneurship projects share one underlying characteristic: hybridity. Pursuing social goals with business means in order to maximize impact and sustainability, or doing business in a socially responsible manner in order to increase the reputation of a company and engage talented employees, there are different mixes and combinations along what is sometimes called the hybrid spectrum. This episode examines a few hybrid organizations and strategies, looking at the opportunities, and dangers, of “the hybrid spirit”.

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Ep. 01 – The Archeology of Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is a relatively new term, but the practice itself has century-old roots. In this episode, we explore those roots within the larger field of European social economy.

This is the first episode of our 6-episode series. Enjoy!

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